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Dating back to June 29th, several generations of men and women have helped forge the history of Icer Brakes S.A. 

All of them have helped build the foundation of a common project based on effort, reliability, and good work.

Our excellent customers play a major role in this story; coming from “all four corners of the world" they have helped us improve day after day with their trust and their demand for quality.

  • 1961

    The company began its activities under the name MATERIALES DE FRICCION S.A.E., which was established by a group of Spanish industrialists, with the idea of manufacturing brake linings and clutch discs. The ICER brand was created. The initials stand for Industrial Comercial Enrique Ruiz, the first chairman of ICER Brakes and father of the current CEO, Víctor Ruiz Rubio.

  • 1968

    ICER Brakes designed and manufactured its first brake pads for an Austin (British Leyland).

  • 1970

    The first disc brake pads were exported to Germany and the US.


  • 1974

    The Research and Development department was created and the first testing machines were purchased.

  • 1980

    Research began for manufacturing for railway applications.

  • 1982

    A new factory was opened in Burlada (Navarre).

  • 1990

    The most extensive asbestos-free line of products available was launched on the market.

  • 1993

    ICER Brakes launched its line of disc brake pads for V.I.

  • 2005

    ICER Brakes added a Schenck dynamometer to complete its one-of-a-kind technology centre.


  • 2006

    ADI METALPARTS S.A. changed its name to NUCAP EUROPE S.A. after its joint venture with NUCAP INC. CANADA.


  • 2007

    NUCAP EUROPE, a subsidiary of BERKELIUM, acquired Jope Europe, S.L., a company dedicated to the manufacture of noise-absorption sheets and brake pad wear indicators.


  • 2010

    ICER RAIL, S.L. created as a joint venture between Icer Brakes, S.A. and the German company Knorr Bremse AG, one of the world’s leading companies in brake systems for both lorries and railways.


  • 2011

    ICER Brakes celebrates its 50th anniversary.


  • 2014

    ICER Brakes prepares the expansion of its installations in Tudela.


  • 2015

    The R Brake brand is worldwide registered.


  • 2016

    The R Brake brand appears in Tec Doc.